Commercial Litigation

All businesses conduct their affairs by way of commercial arrangements. These arrangements should be documented by way of a contract. Unfortunately more often than not we find our clients have failed to properly set out the terms of their business relationship in a contract.

However whether you have a contract or not, disputes invariably arise.

Here at Virtuoso we specialise in helping you manage and settle these disputes in a commercially focused way. These issues require careful handling due to their complex nature and you should never instruct a non-specialised solicitor to advise you on these matters. The solicitors at Virtuoso Legal are all specialists in commercial matters and are at home advising clients on complex and often valuable commercial matters.

Our solicitors have represented clients at all levels of commercial disputes. In most cases we are able to negotiate a commercially agreeable settlement between the parties. We often represent our clients at mediations or more informal settlement meetings. If successful we can then help you to draft a commercially focused settlement agreement.

However there are times when court proceedings must be issued to achieve your objectives. Issuing a claim should never be taken lightly and at Virtuoso we specialise in ensuring our clients only proceed with the best possible case. Rest assured that upon our instruction Virtuoso Legal will take all appropriate steps to ensure that your matter is concluded swiftly and at minimum cost to you.

We have secured numerous positive results for our clients through the courts and always strive to ensure that any result leaves our client better than when they started.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team regarding our commercial litigation services please don’t hesitate to contact us.