Kim Highley – TOP ETAIL TIPS to stay safe and shop happy online this Christmas

How much of your shopping was done online this year?

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We suspect that like 50% of UK Citizens this year, you will have used the internet to buy more than half of your Christmas presents.  This figure is at an all-time high and whilst online shopping offers so many advantages, there are also risks in the form of e-crime and online fraud which we should all keep in mind.

So why has the online shopping revolution really picked up pace this year?  Many analysts in the Etail sector believe it is thanks to the development of easy to use apps for smartphones and tablet computers.  Add in to the equation enticing offers from major retailers, not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but all season.  For example, Amazon, Marks and Spencer, Currys and Asos have offered as much as 70% off some of their lines this month.  With such high demand and enticement it is hardly surprising that some websites have gone down with technical difficulties.

We set out below some crucial golden tips for your next digital purchases, whether these are for last minute presents or the January sale items.

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