IPCurator: A high-tech solution to a high-tech problem


The internet is a big, big place!

“We’re not in Kansas anymore…”

Today’s digital economy offers the modern business person plenty of benefits. It has never been easier to build a well-known brand, and sell products and services all over the world.

But as with anything in this life – there are downsides! And a calm and critical awareness of these can you save a lot of stress down the line.
The pink elephant in the room is…
As fast as you can build you name; others can equally use it to their own ends. Some may even go so far as copy your entire setup. Word of success travels like wildfire. This sparks the imagination of imitators ready to pounce on your potential. Commonly this will happen without businesses knowing – for quite a long time.
This is complicated even more by the fact that the internet is global. Often you find that those that try to make money from your name are frustratingly out of reach.
Here, time is of the essence. You have to act quickly to limit the damage imitators are able to have on you businesses’ bottom line.
As such, online businesses must be quick to act to protect their name and brand. But how do you do it?
Luckily the pendulum swings both ways. There are high-tech solutions to this high-tech problem.

IPCurator: dynamic oversight

We recently met Damian Croker from IPCurator and were amazed with how effective the tool was.

The tool helps users to track domain registrations worldwide. Users buy a search term (or more) to identify sites like theirs. With a critical eye this allows a business to identify spurious sites as they emerge – and take action.
This coupled with auto-image capture of the sites. Images are dated and timed; helping users stay on top of shifty actors (who have a habit of disappearing)!
In our experience, a dynamic record like this would be invaluable if a case goes to court. (It is much harder to find these things out after the fact)!
Roll in some impressive reporting features. and the ability to send takedown notices and you have the full package! (Extra services also include the ability to also withdraw payment facilities…)
IPCurator is a modern tool, for modern times.

A sign of the times

Ultimately, IPCurator might not the tool for every single online business.

(Though it’s very useful for businesses looking play whack-a-mole with counterfeiters! That’s for sure. Please drop Damian a line if you’re interested and tell him we sent you)!

Yet, IPCurator is an example of how there is a push back against the escalating wave of online fraud. And if the fight isn’t in the tools you use, it will be in the sweat off your brow.
Because when it comes down to the crunch: this is a rising tide that everyone has to accept. The questions is instead whether you risk a snorkel and swim – or invest in a boat!
[Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored content, we just really like IPCurator].

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“IPCurator: A high-tech solution for a high-tech problem” was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry.

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