Global Giant, General Electric, Instructs Virtuoso Legal

The US$16.5B global energy equipment and services company, GE Oil & Gas, has recently appointed boutique IP legal practice Virtuoso Legal to assist with their IP legal work in the UK. Although Virtuoso Legal is a relatively small practice compared to some of the UK’s biggest law firms, GE in-house IP Counsel based in Houston Texas felt that Virtuoso Legal has the requisite breadth and depth of expertise required to help GE in the UK in this specialist arena.

Liz Ward Principal of Virtuoso Legal commented “we love working with the people at GE. They really understand the value of IP in business. Indeed their slogan is IP fuels the future. There’s a lot of talk about business in Europe falling away but the USA is still our number 1 trade partner in the UK and we have some very active American clients.”

If you would like any further information  on this matter please contact Elizabeth Ward Principal Virtuoso Legal


Telephone 0844 800 8871

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