Emirates Air Line Cable Car – Experience the Great Views of London

Enjoy the unique ride across the River Thames and experience great views on Emirates Air Line Cable Car. Experience the ride of first and only cable car in the UK and get the best experience of London tour with over 5 million passengers like you.


Start your trip from Greenwich where you will find a cabin to board on and sit back. Relax and capture the aerial 360-degreee views in your 10-minute flight. The on-board video and in-flight guide will accompany you to capture the iconic attractions and learn about them when you see them.


If you miss anything, don’t worry. First flight is not end here. You will get another chance to cover the sights when you get back to the Greenwich peninsula. You can either explore some of the nearest attractions when you return, such as Planetarium and Royal Observatory, O2, and Cutty Sark, or you can end your trip at Emirates Royal Docks where you can walk around waterfront, head to the nearby DLR, or attend an Excel event.


You can also get a unique experience of full-size aircraft models along with amazing display at the Emirates Aviation Experience.


What else you can expect at Emirates Air Line Cable Car?

It is really an affordable and most exciting way to capture panoramic views of London. It is a must-visit tourist attraction for sightseeing.


Here, you can ride over the River Thames and enjoy the breathtaking views on cable car. Usually the flight takes around 10 minutes but the duration cuts short to only 5 minutes during peak hours, i.e. 7am to 9am on Monday to Friday. The cable cars are available every 30 seconds and they have the capacity for 10 people. To pay for the trip, you can use any contactless payment card or Visitor Oyster and Oyster card.


If you want to get the most of this flight, don’t forget to get here after 7pm when night flights are extended to around 13 minutes each trip, accompanied with video and music in cabins for great experience when you watch the city dotted in bright lights after dark. Emirates Air Line is open 7 days a week and is also open for cyclists and wheelchair-bound travelers.


How much does it cost to access Emirates Airline Cable Car?

As discussed above, you can pay conveniently with your contactless or Oyster card. At the terminals, you can even use Emirates Air Line tickets or by it at tfl.gov.uk/emiratesairline.


The one way fares for this flight are starting from £3.50 for adults and from £1.70 for children with Oyster card. You can also buy 360° tour Boarding Pass for 360° tour or return ticket. Its price is almost double, i.e. around £6.80 for adults and £3.40 for kids. You can save around 25% by paying with Oyster card rather than with cash.


You can even book a boarding pass for 10 individual trips for £17 on Emirates Air Line. For 360° round-trip, you can even hire a private cabin with around 10 people.