Do You Really Need London Sightseeing Pass?

London’s sightseeing pass is actually a prepaid plastic card or a smartphone app to visit over 80 tourist attractions in the city. Simply speaking, you just have to pay one time in advance and then visit as many places as you want in the plan. Simply show the pass and they will check it and let you go. You can get the pass for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 days and it can also be available with Oyster Card on public transport. You can get London Pass in advance, download on your phone or pick up when you arrive in the city.


Benefits of London Pass


Time saving – You can easily skip the line at all attractions. You can still save time over collecting tickets at most tourist attractions.


Cost Effective – It is up to how many attractions you may want to visit as well as the validity of the pass. If you are visiting more than three attractions in a day, you can easily save while considering opening hours and distances.


Convenient – London is an ancient and big city where you will find no lack of sightseeing places. It is really very convenient to have one pass to enter so many place. You don’t have to limit yourself and wonder where to go first.


Is Transportation included in London Pass?

The London Pass app or card is valid only for select sightseeing places in London and you cannot use it as a ticket to public transport. However, the card includes River Cruise and Sightseeing Bus Tour but they are valid only for one day. Usually, these buses and cruise don’t stop around your hotel or place where you are staying. Uber and taxis are costly in London. So, it is better to use a public transport.


You can get around the city with London Pass included with Oyster Travelcard to hop on the bus, take river boats and tube (metro). You can get one Travelcard with each pass with some credits to cover the validity of pass. You can grab Oyster Travelcard at any hub of transport in London like Gatwick and Heathrow airports. So you don’t have to buy them together.


You can save some time if you get them in advance and remove stress and also avoid buying wrong tickets. Keep in mind that kids below 11 years can travel for free if you have Oyster Card to travel on London Transport. So, your kids won’t have to own a separate pass. However, kids from 11 to 15 years should have one.


How to Get London Sightseeing Pass?

You may research online to find London Pass for sightseeing to buy in advance or you may buy one when you get there. To save some stress and time, it is better to buy it online. You may want to use a mobile version and download it before arrival.


If you buy it from airport, keep in mind that it may take around 15 days and you may have to bear extra shipping charges. So, you should have enough time and money to get it delivered to your home before you start your trip.