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Intellectual Property Case Studies

Our work makes a real difference

"A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved" – Dorothea Brande

Over the past decade, Virtuoso Legal has championed IP rights for thousands of companies.

In this time it has received numerous awards and recognition for IP work.

Virtuoso Legal has a vast array of experience in creating, growing and protecting intangible assets, of all types.

A core aspect of our practice is that Virtuoso specialists are well versed in highly technical IP matters within science, technology, healthcare and education.

It is a point of pride for the firm that our experts get to the heart of intricate and complex matters – and secure favourable results, where other firms lack technical insight beyond the law itself.

IP Disputes

Invista Textiles (UK) Ltd & Anor v Botes & Ors [2019] EWHC 58 (Ch) (21 January 2019). High Court breach of confidence proceedings with highly technical disclosure.   In certain types of business, e.g. research and development, knowledge assets are incredibly valuable. It can be difficult to distinguish between knowledge created within the course of…

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IP Disputes

Twentieth Century Fox v. Cyclone Events Limited and Stiwt Arts Trust Limited.   Original creative works, upon creation, are protected by copyright. The world of entertainment is filled with such works, including, film, music, television and more. Oftentimes, when works become popular they inspire the public to emulate them. In certain instances, this can result…

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IP Disputes

Argos Limited v Argos Systems Inc.   Prior to the “digital age”, retailers would outbid one another for prestigious units on the High Street; those with the largest stores in the location with the greatest footfall usually succeeded. These days, customers prefer to purchase online rather than in-store. At present, the key digital “real estate”…

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We are driven by results like these, removing obstacles out of our clients’ way and helping them grow.

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