Careers @ Virtuoso Legal

Would you like to join a world-class team of intellectual property specialists?

Are you aiming to become one of the best IP solicitors in the country?

Do you envision working in a forward-thinking and award-winning law firm?


work for…Virtuoso Legal.

Note: Minimum Requirements for an application to be considered: (1) an LLM in IP or equivalent and/or (2) work experience at an IP firm or department spanning longer than 3 months and/or (3) [at the very least] a module in IP at the LLB or GDL, or equivalent.

Note 2: We have received a number of careers enquiries and have filled our work placement spaces for the beginning of 2019. The next placement windows will become available in the next 6 months. However, please submit your CV and cover letter as we will keep them on file and consider them for the next available opportunity.

Virtuoso Legal are looking for the the best legal talent who share our passion for intellectual property to join our team.

Whether it is for a short-term work placement, or applying to join the firm full-time – this page provides all of the information you need to know about working at Virtuoso Legal.

Our Ethos.

Virtuoso Legal is a decisively contemporary law firm.

We work under the Kaizen philosophy. This enables candidates to meaningfully contribute to our impact – from day one.

We do things differently and look for candidates to work with us who also “think outside the box”.

Clients come first at Virtuoso Legal. Our team are always willing to go above and beyond to optimise client outcomes.

We work in close partnership with our clients; devise and and achieve the best strategic commercial outcome for them.

As a smaller firm we rely on incredibly specialist expertise. Our solicitors are well versed in IP law and are tactically able to out-manoeuvre opposition in court.

Key to this is a dynamic approach to our work – wherein each case is an opportunity for innovative divergent thinking.

Virtuoso Legal are a growing firm, and boasts a team that, whilst already award-winning, has an incredible growth in it’s future.

What We Expect from Candidates.

Whether for work placement or for an available role, successful candidates will reflect our ethos, prior to joining the firm, and be able to demonstrate this through a varied and comprehensive application.

We expect candidates from the moment they submit their application to demonstrate the following:

  1. Ability to take the initiative, and self-manage their tasks to completion.
  2. Expertise, experience or demonstrative interest in intellectual property and, in particular, the areas of work that Virtuoso Legal excel in.
  3. Dedication, and capacity to deliver on large-scale projects of some significance.
  4. A willingness and ability to specialise and critically discern the detail within a specialism.
  5. An enthusiastic and competent interpersonal ability.
  6. Experience and conscientiousness within a professional context.
  7. An innovative mindset and outgoing personality.
  8. How the above matches Virtuoso Legal’s ethos and mission statement.

We understand that gaining experience in IP is difficult, as such we appreciate candidates who demonstrate a keen enthusiasm for the area in lieu of experience.

Furthermore, we do not discriminate candidates from non-formal working backgrounds. In such cases, please include reference to previous work including part time roles where they are relevant to the above.

We are an equal opportunities employer and actively seek candidates from a range of different backgrounds. Key to a successful application is a passion for our principles and a growth mindset.

It should be noted that as a forward thinking firm, we utilize a range of complicated technological systems in our day to day work. As such, technical literacy is highly important.

We do not except candidates for work placement below 3rd-year LLB (or equivalent). If you demonstrate exceptional aptitude in your application, your placement may be deferred until you meet this criterion.

How to Apply.

Candidates need to submit a cover letter and CV to

In the CV we will be looking for evidence of the above criteria.

Please submit these in PDF format, and name the files using the following formats:

CV: Firstname_Secondname_CV.pdf

Cover Letter: Firstname_Secondname_CoverLetter.pdf

In addition to this, we would like to know a bit more about what makes you, you. So do not be dissuaded from including information about your interests where you feel it is relevant to your character and the application.

Where to find Virtuoso Legal.

Virtuoso Legal are based in offices in Leeds and London.

If you are applying for a work placement, or to attend for trial period – please specify which location suits your needs best.

Placements take place in two-week windows on the second and third week in February, March and October of each year.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis, and successful placement candidates will be contacted for the next available placement window.

All word placements are unpaid, and candidates must organise their own: accommodation, transport and expenses.

Good luck!