Can You Make This Remarkable British Invention Work For You?

Whilst you are watching the tennis this summer and in particular the top tennis player’s special graphene tennis rackets, you may like to think about the World’s next game changer…..GRAPHENE.

Developed at Manchester University and discovered in 2004, graphene is set to become the World’s next “sliced bread” invention – not just in tennis but right across a number of industries – notably electronics and materials.

So what is it about this super thin, light weight product that makes it so special?Well graphene has a number of very useful properties. First of all it is lightweight and strong. Secondly it has a super ability to conduct heat and electric. Thirdly it is transparent and whilst it allows water to pass through it, it is impervious to liquids and gases.

Taking these physical properties in the above order, graphene is set to transform technology for a number of different reasons as it is:

Light, strong and flexible as a material. It is these properties that make graphene of use in tennis rackets and so on. However, more wide spread use will see it used in aircraft construction instead of steel. It can also be “layered up” with other materials such as magnesium diboride to become a super conductor. The layers of graphene will make an effective light but also a strong and flexible skeleton upon which to make electronic components. Move over silicon chips!

Conducting electric and heat. The race is on to make fully functioning ultra-capacitors out of graphene. Capacitors can take a charge very quickly but can’t store it effectively for longer periods of time. Rechargeable batteries store charges longer but take longer to take up the charge. Graphene based ultra-capacitors will take a charge quickly but dissipate that charge more slowly and for longer and at cooler temperatures. This is the holy grail of the renewable energy providers. Move over oil and gas.

Transparent and ultra-filtration. High electrical conductivity and transparency will make graphene based bio sensors the product of the future in medical devices. The superfast conductivity of graphene will mean ultra responsive monitoring. Ultra-filtration means that the ability to provide clean water and desalination in hostile environments will be revolutionised. Move over touch screens and expensive filtration processes.
And by the way – here’s the real kicker. Graphene is ultra cheap and readily available! The race is on however to make such thin material workable, and in some applications to actually stop it from conducting electricity as required.

So the question is this – what can graphene do for your business?
Want to know more? The University of Manchester is investing in a specially built National Graphene Centre due to open winter 2014.

Graphene technology – it is British. Let’s back it!

Want to find out more about Graphene?

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