Best Venues to Get the Most of Rich Nightlife in London

Do you want to enjoy the nightlife in London which never sleeps? There is no lack of choices. Have a look on the list of best hotspots and bars in London to visit and enjoy a memorable night to keep you from getting lost in the ocean of clubs and bars.

Kensington Roof Gardens
Are you looking for best venues and bars in London? This high-rise joint is the exclusive club where the polished and posh people come to see and get noticed as they schmooze the night away. From blazer-clad guys and ladies flaunting their latest designer dresses, you will feel like a socialite all night. When a live percussionist beats his drum with DJ’s club bangers, adrenaline runs high and you will definitely find a way to take breather in its garden.

Trailer Happiness
Marked by yellow fish over the non-descript pathway on Portobello Road, Trailer Happiness tiki lounge will take you back to the memory lane of 70s. It is one of London’s best cocktail bars. Adorned with retro Polynesian kitsch and memorabilia of hula girl, staff here specializes in adding unique twists to rum classics. Sometimes, they also perform fire show in which alcohol blows to the ceiling and they set it aflame.

Get the nice balance between trippy and ritzy when you visit sketch where WOW factor prevails. Pass through various mind-blowing tearooms which seem to influence Alice in Wonderland and pause on when you enter the huge white capsule which looks like a UFO.

The debonair gents and stylish ladies make this intergalactic party more happening when they mingle over sip-funky cocktails and electro jams around a round bar. It is such an intimate space where night owls can get a sophisticated experience. For an opportunist photogenic, pay a visit to the bathroom. Here, toilets are covered well in egg pots which seem to be brought from the art gallery of parallel universe. These are some of the reasons why sketch is a must watch to explore London’s nightlife at its best.

Union Chapel
It is another heavenly venue to feel the epiphany of live music which will give welcoming and eclectic feel to even the most devoted atheist. Located in the Gothic chapel, the setting is ruled by a glorious Victorian presence and a quirky hotspot for gigs. Billy Bragg or Roseanne Cash, stand-up comedians or music bands, everyone gets a chance to shine here. This beautiful historic landmark is where you can feel your own spiritual self.

The Book Club
The shabby-chic aura of Shoreditch is covered well by The Book Club. It’s daytime café on a side street which is covered with art murals, which gives way to party for the mob of party animals.

The main lounge here is anchored by table tennis and designed by whitewashed brick walls. This social haven is amplified by buzzy new playlist of bands. Bartenders are friendly enough to blend with casual clientele while serving cocktails. Their names will definitely make you laugh.