Author: Martin Hendry

Gemma Wilson Joins Virtuoso Legal

Gemma Wilson Joins Virtuoso Legal

Welcome to the team, Gemma Wilson! Virtuoso Legal are delighted to welcome Gemma Wilson to Virtuoso Legal. Gemma joins the Leeds-based team after impressing on a short placement where she displayed exceptional aptitude. She...

Tesla's Logo Mark EU005678602

Brand Breakdown 002 TESLA

There are a small number of companies that earn a unique global status for the work they do. These companies become household names and are recognised the world over through their brands. In this...

Under Armour Logo

Brand Breakdown 001 Under Armour

A registered trade mark (or indeed, set of registered trademarks) is the bedrock of each of the world’s biggest brands. Whether it’s a logo, slogan or other brand assets – these trade marks let...