Manufacturing Case Study

Manufacturing Study – Dennison Trailers LimitedManufacturing

Dennison Trailers have become very successful manufacturing commercial trailers. They are well known for producing innovative and brilliantly engineered products.

Based in Lancaster and Naas Ireland, Dennison have been manufacturing trailers for over 50 years. The company is also still managed and run by the Dennison family and have a healthy export book.

Jane Dennison the in-house lawyer runs the legal side of the business and handles day to day legal matters such as employment issues and commercial contracts.

However, over the last 8 years we’ve helped Dennison with various IP challenges including pursuing a former employee who stole confidential design drawings, and two potential patent disputes.

We’ve recently helped the company with a full IP audit, covering all the key IP assets in the company such as trade marks, patents, confidential information, know how and contracts related to the IP the company creates.

As with most innovative businesses, much of the innovation is created by internal teams. Increasingly however, R&D is partially if not completely outsourced. Whilst this can be cost effective, it is vital to have good contracts in place that capture and secure the IP for the business. If you don’t have your own in house lawyer, or expert assistance from outside, important details can be omitted and then disputes arise.

Our motto at Virtuoso Legal is that prevention is better than cure. We’ve worked closely with Dennison Trailers to ensure there aren’t any gaps in their IP portfolio. That’s real strength for the future of the company.

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