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Trio Healthcare Limited – Healthcare Case Study


In March 2014, our client Trio Healthcare asked us to help with strategic advice and implementation of an IP strategy prior to the launch of their new range of ostomy products in June 2014. An ostomy is a surgically created opening from the intestine to the outside of the body. These types of surgical procedures are relatively common, and whilst they’re not always permanent, an ostomy is frequently used for the treatment of serious inflammatory bowel diseases and cancer.

Two of the big challenges for technology in this area are keeping the skin intact (the ostomy is a wound and keeping it clean and healthy is vital), and ensuring there are no leaks between the skin and the ostomy bag which collects waste. Leaky ostomy products cause patients considerable distress and anxiety.

Creating a barrier and a product which ensures adhesion without compromising dressing integrity is challenging. Traditional approaches involve the use of hydrocolloid dressings. These waterproof, gel like dressings sit on the skin in the manner of a conventional sticking plaster. The key drawback is the sticky residue these plasters leave and the skin tension created in removing them. Once removed the skin is left feeling tacky and the pulling action of removing the dressing means wounds can break down and become infected.

This is where the creative genius of Trio stepped in with the Trio range of ostomy products These are not based on old hydrocolloid style dressings which have been around for years. Trio spent a number of years improving and perfecting silicon products until they came up with an innovative solution which is unique and patentable. The Trio products are made of specially adapted silicon and adhere to the skin, without the sticky properties of traditional ostomy dressings but with a great seal for patient satisfaction.

We then stepped in to help Trio with their intellectual property strategy.

Like all healthcare companies, the key to unlocking the company’s long term value was serious investment in their IP early on. Whilst Trio had invested in patent protection for their basic product, we helped Trio put in place key measures to look at the future of their patents and what areas of patentablity they should explore for the future. In doing this we helped them future proof their technology and create a strong brand. We also reviewed their designs, trade marks and other intellectual property with a view to getting it right from the start. We helped Trio put in place a worldwide  brand portfolio that will grow the value of the company. With the right intangible assets now in place and a strategy for the future, Trio have secured maximum protection and we know they will soon be a World class player in their part of the healthcare industry.

By thinking strategically Trio will be in an advantageous position to keep their cutting edge advantage over other big companies, and deter competitors. By creating first class products and by investing in the right advice, they are now placed globally to achieve phenomenal success.

We’re really proud to work with Trio. They strive for excellence – as do we.

We have particular expertise in healthcare. Two of our leading people in the team are former biologists. The Principal Liz Ward spent 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry before becoming a lawyer, working first as a biochemist and then in sales and marketing. Our expertise and our team are second to none and we’d like to help you achieve excellence too.

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