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Simcyp Limited – Healthcare


HealthcareSimcyp are a world beating healthcare technology company. By modelling and developing the effect of pharmaceutical drugs in virtual populations using computer simulations, Simcyp have saved drug companies years of development time and millions and millions of pounds in costs. The Simcyp simulator platform is the industry’s most sophisticated way of predicting drug/drug interactions and effects of drugs in human populations.

We’ve helped Simcyp with all it’s IP from the start of the company. As with any software / healthcare type company much of the revenue streams comes from licensing the use of the software and creating new licensing models and markets. The founders of Simcyp were academics at the University of Sheffield. As scientists and academics, they understood the need for collaboration and partnership.

We’ve worked closely with Simcyp over the years to bring a fresh legal approach to licensing and to work in a way that is comfortable to other academics and research institutions. We’ve also helped them with patenting strategy and advised on trade marks and theft of confidential information.

In 2010 Simcyp won the Queens Award for Export. It continues to produce ground breaking research and lead the way with fresh thinking and an innovative approach.

We’ve been delighted to work with Simcyp. They’re first rate people producing first rate science. We can all benefit from that.

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