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EducationNOCN is a nationwide provider of qualifications and accreditation for a variety of learners. NOCN offer a large number of courses that are recognised and respected by learners and employers alike. The courses they offer cover everything from construction to sport and recreation. The organisation is a registered charity and is well known in the education field for providing high quality courses.

In 2011, and after some changes in key legislation, NOCN had a number of internal challenges and faced widespread disruption in its member network. Over a period of 2 years a number of member organisations left and there were a several disputes over the NOCN brand names and in particular the trade marks OCN together with the OCN logo swoosh mark.

Over a period of 4 years we’ve helped NOCN restore its trade mark portfolio and manage its new brands from a legal perspective. NOCN has now stopped the confusion that ensued following the exit of some members of the NOCN network of colleges around the UK.

We achieved this using a variety of means including taking action in the trade mark registry, and in certain circumstances by taking action through the Courts.

This has meant that NOCN has stopped the damage to its reputation. It means the public are no longer confused about who they’re dealing with and they’re not deceived into doing business with another entity that is wrongly using the NOCN brands.

It also means that the NOCN brand is stronger than ever and use of the brands by licensees continues to grow and attract significant revenue streams for NOCN.

We’re proud to say that we’ve partnered with NOCN through some extremely challenging times. The management at NOCN took some tough and expensive decisions but they stuck by their core brand assets and we’ve helped them succeed in retrieving their well deserved reputation as providers of first rate qualifications and accreditation.

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