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Ideas Group – Retail Creative AdvertisingAdvertising

ideasgroup are a creative advertising company in York who put together design, brand and marketing strategies to help companies position themselves in the market and grow market share.

ideasgroup delivers high quality and bespoke environments in which to do business. By way of example, they innovate and deliver high quality visuals for exhibition stands and shop fit outs.

Creating these kinds of environments is highly conducive to doing business and helping their clients make better profits.

The creative genius that is ideasgroup has sometimes been copied, and those copied designs have been used by third parties without consent. In simple terms, copyists have taken the hard work from ideasgroup and used it without paying for it.

It is a bit like someone else driving off in your favourite sports car, without even asking let alone buying it first! Frustrating and very damaging financially if left unchecked.

The bad news for the copyists is that we’ve helped ideasgroup stop them dead in their tracks. We taken back the keys to the sports car and they’ve had to pay ideasgroup damages by way of compensation.

We also helped ideasgroup ensure that their contracts are water tight, thereby helping to stem some of the problems at source.

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