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IP Case Studies

Over the past decade, Virtuoso Legal have championed IP rights for thousands of companies. In this time Virtuoso have received numerous awards and plaudits for IP Work. Here are some of our most notable IP case studies.

IP Case Studies

Virtuoso Legal has a vast array of experience in registering, protecting and enforcing intangible assets – of all descriptions.

A core aspect of our practice is that Virtuoso specialists are well versed in highly technical IP matters within: science, technology, healthcare and education.

It is a point of pride for the firm that our experts get to the heart of intricate and complex matters – and secure favorable results, where other firms lack insight.

Healthcare Technology – Trio Healthcare

In March 2014 – Trio Healthcare asked Virtuoso Legal to help with the strategic rollout and implementation of their IP. This covered a specialist range of ostomy products released later in the year.

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Healthcare Innovation – Simcyp

Simcyp are a technology company based in Sheffield who have since become a world leader in virtual pharmaceutical modelling. Virtuoso Legal advised Simcyp on all of its IP interests from it’s inception as a startup company at Sheffield University.

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Education – NOCN

NOCN is a marketing-leading awarding organisation who structure and accredit learning. They have a particular reputation as a top-three Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation. In 2011, fundamental changes at NOCN led to disruptions in their trade marks. Over the course of 4 years Virtuoso Legal have assisted NOCN in restoring their trade marks; as well as helping them develop new brands.

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Manufacturing – Dennison Trailers

Dennison Trailers are a market leading manufacturer of commercial trailers for haulage. Within the field they are known for producing innovative technology. Over the past 8 years Virtuoso have assisted Dennison in IP challenges they have faced as a result of this.

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Advertising – ideasgroup

ideasgroup are a creative company in York who develop holistic and integrated marketing strategies. A core aspect of their business is the creation of novel marketing environments to drive sales. Sadly, innovation often invites imitation. Virtuoso Legal have assisted ideasgroup in protecting their ideals.

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These case studies represent only a few of Virtuoso Legal’s highlights.

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